INTERLINKED OCEANA is a services provider company headquarter situated in Hong Kong. INTERLINKED OCEANA offers comprehensive ocean transportation services providing a vital support to the economy of Hong Kong, China, Dubai and across the globe.

We have taken up the challenge to source and continuously provide high quality and reliable ocean transportation services and care at the most competitive prices. We believe in building trust through our consistent quality services and long terms business relationships through our honest dealing. INTERLINKED OCEANA transportation service is recognized for its on-time arrival performance and quality customer service and care.

We believe our customers are our partners. Having exclusive deals with our partners, we ensure the quality of service and care on the highest standard. Our major objective is to providing the best ocean transport services and care that are focused on maintaining the optimal balance between partner satisfaction and the cost. As a business partner we work hard to find you the best prices so that your margins are higher.

Our corporate philosophy is to build long term partners. We imagine our growth in your success. We invest in our business to continually expand into new services categories to add value to our relationship. So contact us today to get the best quality services and care at best prices.